Create the Marriage You Want
Right in the Middle of the Relationship You Have

Does your marriage foster emotional intimacy? Do you know how to prevent arguments without avoiding hot topics? Do you feel appreciated? Learn simple secrets to keep your love and happiness growing stronger every day.

IT TAKES MORE THAN LOVE to make your relationship everything you hoped it would be. It also takes knowledge, some solid ground rules and a general plan.

That’s where we come in. We can provide you with:

  • Advice and insights from happily married couples
  • Habits that will make sustaining a happy relationship almost effortless
  • Information to help you strengthen your married life skills
  • Time saving tips to communicate and get the desired results
  • A plan to merge individual expectations into a common vision
  • Resources for topics you’d like to explore further
We’ll provide time tested ideas. You provide love, respect and the integrity necessary to make the ideas succeed in your relationship.

Implement any combination of the ideas from this website. You’ll delight in immediate, positive results. The more you implement, the happier you will be.

Compared to those who remain single, are divorced or unhappily married, happily married couples enjoy:

  • better health
  • greater job success
  • increased financial security
  • secure children more likely to succeed and less likely to be obese
  • superior quality of life
  • longer life
Staggering, isn't it?

Is marriage on your mind? Seriously dating? Engaged? Newlyweds? Married a few years? Married with children?

If so, a happy marriage should be worth quite a bit to you. And the best news is:

And it doesn’t cost a penny. It doesn’t take money to be happily married.

We know that personally. We teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and lived below the poverty level for seven years. Since we had been successful corporate executives, our happiness amazed our friends.

Now we have been happily married more than 32 years. Despite facing more crises than we ever thought we’d experience, our relationship has thrived and grown stronger each year. If you’d like to know more about our misadventures and history read Our Story. What enabled us to be successful? The advice of two strangers. We didn’t ask for their input. We certainly didn’t think we needed “marriage help.” But we listened to be polite.

Their simple suggestions made sense. The effort to apply their ideas was modest.

THE RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLE! Because of their input, we have:

  • Greatly improved relationship skills
  • Uncomplicated communication that gets the desired results
  • A focused team effort that comes naturally
  • Common expectations
  • A firm knowledge of what we can count on from each other
  • Simplified holidays and special events
  • A deep sense of belonging and security
  • Very few misunderstandings
  • Discussions rather than arguments
  • The comfort of knowing we’re loved just the way we are
  • The joy of feeling loved right down to the tips of our toes
32 years later we continue to benefit every day.

We begged our benefactors to put their secrets in writing. They told us to do it. When they died without doing so, we knew we had to take action.

How could we not share this information with others?

We wrote the award winning book Mastering Marriage to share the advice they gave us. And now we’re taking what we know on line.

Plus we added tips we developed. And we’ve invited other happily married couples to share their secrets on these pages as well. You will discover:

Your love will grow stronger and you will be happier every year.

Charlie Michaels & Mike Brown
(Aka Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brown)
CoAuthors of Mastering Marriage

Site Contents:

Benefits of Getting Married
The benefits of getting married run the gamut from personal to legal issues, some readily apparent and others which may surprise you...
Expert Relationship Advice from Charlie & Mike
Expert relationship advice from a couple who broke patterns of failed relationships by following advice they received while dating. Now happily married for 31+ years, they share these simple secrets..
Best Marriage Advice
The best marriage advice we ever received transformed our relationship skills and allowed us to create and sustain a happy marriage for more than 31 years and counting...
Get Free Marriage Help Online Today Benefit Forever
We all need a little help now and then - marriage help is no exception. Every couple who's been happily married for years has faced challenges. What are realistic expectations for a happy marriage...
How to Improve Your Marriage
How to improve your marriage? Have you considered your home may be part of your problem?
Is Marriage Advice Right for You?
Marriage works best when it is regularly fine-tuned, properly maintained and given an occasional tune-up. Happy Marriage gives you ideas to keep your marriage running smoothly. ..
Spice Up Marriage
Spice up marriage with a fun blend of old and new: romance, adventure, fantasy and old standards....
What Makes a Good Marriage?
What makes a good marriage? Being thoughtful, sharing daydreams, and stepping into each other's lives...
Be the Perfect Spouse
If you work to be the perfect spouse, you may doom your marriage...
How to Improve Communication Skills
How to improve communication skills is easy when you keep it simple. These three steps will improve your relationships with your spouse, at work and with your friends.
Marriage Communication in 2 Easy Steps
Marriage communication can be very easy if you follow this two part process....
Marriage Compatibility Test
The ultimate marriage compatibility test with more than 2,000 questions in 53 categories...
Communication Tip: Give Up Hidden Agendas
The communication tip that will make you happiest is to give up hidden agendas. It's easier than you may think ...
Commit to Marriage
Learn a simple way to commit to marriage daily that will keep your marriage fresh, your love in perspective and help you grow happier and more in love each year...
Expressing Gratitude
Expressing gratitude is the fastest way to improve your marriage. It's easy, fast and free...
Family Values: the Core of Marriage
Family values are at the core of every marriage. What are your family values and are you living them?
Marriage Masters
Join Marriage Masters to declare your dedication to a lifelong marriage. Let your love be a positive role model for others...
No Trading Faces - Be the Person Your Spouse Dated
Trading faces is one of the greatest contributors to failed marriages. To be happily married, you must be the person your spouse dated...
To Improve Marriage, Attitude Is Key
The perfect marriage begins when both partners believe they got better than they deserved. Recognizing this is true for you will go a long way to improve marriage...
Understanding Conflict
Learn how understanding conflict can help you avoid wedding aftershock...
How to Fight Fairly
Why learn how to fight fairly when you can resolve issues using these time-tested techniques...
Conflict Management Strategies
Some of the best conflict management strategies don't involve conflict...
Marriage Conflict Minimized by Calming Clues
Recurring marriage conflict can often be resolved by the use of calming clues. This simple technique quickly turns potentially hot triggers into non-issues...
Conflict: Is It Worth It?
If you're going to have conflict, it should be worth the effort you put into it. Is the best conflict resolution giving in gracefully. This technique will heIp you determine, "Is this fight worth it?"
How to Develop Gratitude
It's not difficult to learn how to develop gratitude. The first step is understanding...
How to Strengthen Your Marriage
How to strengthen your marriage begins with one easy step: defending your marriage.
Creating Shared Expectations
Expectations can divide you or unite you. What are your expectations doing to your marriage?
Create a Marriage Pact
Learn how to create a Marriage Pact by following our example. It's not difficult, although it does take a bit of time. We found the process to be extremely rewarding, both during the process...
Wants, Needs and Preferences
Differentiating Wants, Needs and Preferences has the potential to transform your life because it allows you to keep things in perspective...
Mastering Marriage
To take your marriage to the next step, try Mastering Marriage and you'll grow happier and more in love each year.
If you are engaged, your primary responsibility to your relationship is to plan for your marriage, not your wedding. Learn how to do this by reading through the pages of this website to develop...
If you are dating, you are at the ideal place to strengthen your relationship skills and identify what you are looking for in a spouse. and Mastering Marriage will help you
Married, Raising Children
If you are married, raising children, you have probably discovered that few things get between a husband and a wife more than their children...
Marriage Help for Men
Marriage help for men: straight talk, simple skills, quick results...
The Marriage Pact
A Marriage Pact is the Constitution and Bill of Rights for a particular marriage. It spells out the ground rules of the relationship and outlines the rights and responsibilities...
Join Marriage Masters
Join Marriage Masters and add your names to our growing list of couples dedicated to lifelong, happy marriages. Our goal is to become 10 million strong and impact the world with positive role models.
Marriage Masters Promises Certificate
Proudly display the Marriage Masters' Promises you've made to each other...
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